New Generation Welcome the Arrival of the Dating Muslim

The online demand for a free Muslim Dating Website grows significantly with every day that goes past. An increasing number of current generation, young Muslim men and women are beginning to turn their attention to more modern and ‘western’ mediums in order to locate the partner of their dreams. While this surge of popularity is evident and more and more Islamic guys and girls begin to adopt ‘dating’ into their lives, more traditionalist Muslims are beginning to question the motives behind this new wave of interest in Muslim Online dating. Are these, ‘Muslim daters,’ looking to turn their back on the religion and beliefs on which they were raised?

It should be noted that ‘dating’ isn’t common place in a Muslims upbringing. A couple are often introduced by their families (very similar to an arranged marriage,) and become engaged almost instantly – the ‘getting to know you,’ period often takes place while the couple are leading up to their nuptials and not beforehand. However, with the rapid ascent in online dating sites, modern generation Muslims are now wanting to experience matchmaking in a different way and have a say in the way the meet their future husband or wife.

Muslims are Dating for Marriage

So, with that being said, we return to our original question: Is a Dating Muslim Girl or Guy looking to shirk their traditions and turn their back on their families’ beliefs? The short (and most accurate answer,) is a definitive, ‘not at all.’

The general mindset of the modern day Muslim is actually quite the opposite. Several Muslim dating sites and forums articulate the opinion that traditions, morals and religion are still, as always, at the forefront of their minds. Yet with so many dating sites tailored to Muslims beginning to appear thus increasing the opportunity to actually mingle and meet their ideal match on their own terms, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to turn down such a chance.

Elder Muslims will continue to believe that the evolution of the Dating Muslim is the beginning of a decaying of tradition. They believe that with change will come the discarding of morals and core values like modesty and virtue. Younger generations though see it for exactly as it is; an opportunity to experience romance in a new, safe and fun way and to reveal in the serendipity of love and chance that western countries have enjoyed for many, many years.

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